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Alongside his MFA in Directing at The Pennsylvania State University, Wes has been pursuing a Post-baccalaureate Certificate in Fundraising Leadership where he is continuing to strengthen his skills and knowledge of what it takes to run a successful non-profit.


Wes is a dedicated fundraiser, brand ambassador and passionate philanthropist who uses his study of human perception to assure that organizations are displaying themselves with clarity.

It is Wes's belief that every seemingly small judgement made by a non-profit is telling their community who they are and what they stand for. An organization's reputation is constructed by small decisions along the way, not by a simple mission statement. 

Missions and goals are imaginary until put into intentional motion. Wes is passionate about developing organizations who are self aware and lead with purpose.  

“What is brand? It is the construct that stakeholders hold about the identity, including the character, of a nonprofit organization. It is the sum total of perceptions about what a nonprofit stands for, what it does, and how much social impact it is thought to achieve. Brands are connected to reputations.”

-Peter Frumpkin 


Connecting Donors with Opportunity 

A fundraising leader who is aware of the fact that funding equals opportunity. 


    Being Clear on Who You Are & What You Do

A brand ambassador, who emphasizes clarity when building a reputation and letting the world know who you are. 


Promoting the Welfare of Others 

A philanthropic leader with an obsession for using theatrical creative devices to promote social change. 


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Staying On Brand 

Perception is everything. Read Wes's concept on brand below. 


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Philanthropists as Problem Solvers

Live theatre as an educational tool.

Volunteer Work

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